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Child Safty

Sunday School Initiative

We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all our children understanding that some children may need additional support systems in place to engage with them during the service or their Sunday School classes. We have put together a small tub of sensory toys that is available for the children who require them in the office of the church. If you feel that your child may need a sensory toy to help them, please feel free to borrow a toy and return it at the conclusion of the service or class.

The three main processes to support our Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy are the Recruitment of Volunteers, Risk Assessment and Management, and Incident / Complaints Management. This framework was endorsed by the General body in September last year and has been in effect since then. It is now time to review our Framework and associated Policy and Procedures. All members are invited to view documents and provide any feedback to the Parish Child Safety Officer via email [email protected]