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Senior Citizen

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The Senior Citizen’s Fellowship of Melbourne Mar Thoma Church

The Senior Citizen’s Fellowship of Melbourne Mar Thoma Church is an outlet for the senior members of our parish to come together and share life experiences. The group meets couple of times a year at the residence of our members or church. Senior citizens are of great strength to the parish. Membership is open to any member of the parish who has attained the age of sixty or more years.

The objective is to build up a strong fellowship among the elderly members of the parish and to develop a positive attitude towards old age. Many in this group made significant contributions to the growth of the parish.

The Senior Citizens Fellowship of MMTC was formed during the tenure of Rev. C. Thomas to gather all elderly for fostering one to one relationship. Many in this group are the founding members of the parish, whose service and sacrifice led to the formation of the Congregation in 1991 and Parish in 1997. Their continued dedication inspires our members. On Senior Citizens Day, the seniors help to coordinate the service, like Bible reading, giving the sermon, taking the offertory, etc.

Office Bearer
Vice President :   A P Samuel
Secretary :   Jacob Idiculla (Rajan)
Committee Member :   George Thomas (Lalu)